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One of the most pressing issues worldwide today is that of global warming which is primarily driven by the excessive use of fossil fuels used in transportation. As a result many people are looking for more sustainable alternatives.

Electric bikes are showing great promise as both environmentally friendly and cost effective alternatives. They are also easily portable which is helpful for commuting and storage.

Electric bikes are also extremely cost effective. They do not require road tax, insurance or daily fuel costs and require only minimal maintenance.

Electric bikes have a range of 20-40 miles on a single charge which is enough for people’s town and city commuting needs. With the advancements in battery technology charging no longer takes hours.

As more of the population take to two wheels so towns and cities are developing their infrastructure to reflect this. Electric bikes help to alleviate traffic congestion which in turn speeds up commute times and lowers harmful emissions which effects both the environment and health.

Along with helping the environment e-bikes have health benefits too. By owning and riding an e-bike you are adopting a healthier lifestyle. You can enjoy the benefits of a steady workout which include better cardiac and respiratory health along with lower stress levels and improved mental health.

Electric bikes are easy to use for all ages. The power assist feature allows you to set the level of assistance from the motor giving you a good and even workout whatever your age. It also allows groups of mixed ages and abilities to enjoy exercising together.