eBikes have grown in popularity over the past few years, with commuters, adventurers and those simply seeking a more active lifestyle purchasing their first ever electric bike. The versatility and benefits of the electric bike is what makes it a sought-after purchase. Here at eBikes we wanted to provide our customers with not only great service and products but also an educated insight, allowing you to purchase with confidence. What do you need your eBike for? Is the bike going to be your method of transport to work? If so, you may need to consider accessories such as panniers, lights or other storage options. Is the bike simply for leisure? Providing you with a means to make active lifestyle choices on those sunny Sunday mornings. Perhaps adventure is what you seek, then perhaps an electric mountain bike will be your choice; sturdy, with suspension and a long-life battery to provide you with power for extended periods. Battery Life It’s important you take into consideration exactly what kind of distance you want to cover whist on your chosen eBike. Fast charge times are a huge advantage but if you don’t have the ability to make a stop additional battery packs may be a reliable option Storage All aspects of storage should be considered. Not just at home where an eBike can be stored in a garage or spare room. If this eBike is going to be a commuter option, a folding option may be best for storage on public transport or in the office. eBikes are an ideal purchase for making your travel to work easier so don’t be caught out when it comes to storage once you arrive. Cost eBikes come with a price tag and are certainly a worthwhile investment however this doesn’t mean you need to break the bank. Certified Refurbished eBikes are a viable and sensible option for when seeking your perfect model. All the quality of a brand-new model, with a strong guarantee but at a smaller cost. Be sure to choose a eBike supplier that offers you all aspects of the buying cycle. You want to ensure you are getting high quality service, pre-sale and after care support as well as a well-balanced purchase price.
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